GK LAUNCH SERVICES is a joint venture of GLAVKOSMOS, a subsidiary of ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation, and INTERNATIONAL SPACE COMPANY KOSMOTRAS.

GK LAUNCH SERVICES is focused on management and coordination of commercial launches with the use of Soyuz-2 launch vehicles and the launchers developed on the basis of RS-20 rockets from the Russian spaceports.

GK LAUNCH SERVICES represents a new level of public-private partnership for business in Russian space domain. Such cooperation is aimed at development of commercial launch services, promotion of Russian launchers on the world market, and strengthening the positions of Russia as the most competitive launch service provider.

Creation of a dedicated company, an operator of commercial launches, responds to the demands of our times and challenges of the market which evolution dynamics showed a rapid rise over the past decade. The high level of competition, modern trends in launch services and development of a private sector in space activities have encouraged Russia to apply a new approach to the management of space launches.

Bringing together the competencies of GLAVKOSMOS, that has been into the global international space projects and operating of the legendary Soyuz LV for 30 years, and capabilities of KOSMOTRAS professional team, who succeeded in dozens of missions of the super reliable light class launcher converted from RS-20 rocket, turns it into a unique composition of expertise and experience which will facilitate the most ambitious tasks of the new company.

Company’s Goals:
  • Leadership in launch services for light and middle class satellites and satellite constellations;
  • Further evolution of Soyuz-2 launchers to meet commercial market requirements and to provide even better efficiency for the international customers’ missions;
  • Resumption of launches of the RS20-based light class launcher to expand our offer to customers (orbital injection of various types of spacecraft with the mass ranging from 1kg to 6 metric tons into the most popular orbits);
  • Building of a standard system for dual and multiple launches of satellites with different sizes to be delivered to several orbits within one mission;
  • Development and adaptation of the Russian spaceports to meet the requirements of international customers; an increase of the workload of the Russian ground facilities with more commercial missions.
Soyuz-2 Features:
  • Unique system. Featuring the Fregat upper stage, the Soyuz-2 launcher is capable of the missions with various types of orbit and delivery of satellite constellations.
  • Modification variety. Soyuz 2.1a and Soyuz 2.1b modifications are capable to insert 4,800 to 5,500kg of a payload into a sun-synchronous orbit.
  • High-quality components. Engines and thrusters used in the Soyuz-2 launcher are ones of the most reliable in the world. They have been used in over 1,850 launches. The Fregat upper stage provides the highest accuracy for spacecraft delivery to their target orbits.